How can Décor Versatility help me with my Wedding?

How can Décor Versatility help me with the floral & décor choosing process?  Picking out décor for your big day can be one of the most exciting parts of the planning process.  Picking flowers to build your aisle and staging to make your guests say “Wow” when they walk into your reception. With limitless possibilities at any venue the sky is the limit for a bride’s vision. 

The only thing standing in the way of that gorgeous vision can sometimes be the budget.  A beautiful wedding can be achieved on any budget.  Balancing your tastes with your budget can take some of the fun out of wedding planning.  A way to stretch your budget and hold up to your vision is reusing a piece in multiple aspects.  This repurposing of décor is called décor versatility.  When this is done effectively, a budget can stretch every dollar to build the wedding day of your dreams.

There are several ways to explore décor versatility in your wedding day.  One great way is to incorporate your aisle style into your centerpieces.  Picture a lush aisle with aromatic flowers and romantic candles.  This welcomes the bride as she is escorted by her loved ones to the man of her dreams. Those same aromatic flowers and romantic candles floating atop submerged buds can be re-arranged after the ceremony and set on the guest tables as centerpieces. By creating pieces that can be used in both situations you can combine the budgets that otherwise would have had to be separated.

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The same can go for your stage. Many brides and grooms picture a beautiful scene behind them as they say their vows to one another. If this scene is indoors it will likely be created by your decorator. Flowing fabric backdrops and suspended chandeliers can create the perfect ambiance for you to commit yourselves to one another. After the bride and groom have become Mr. and Mrs., the same backdrop, lighting and flowers can be used for the reception behind your head table. Instead of having to split your budget between the two events they can be combined to build you something beautiful from sunrise to sunset.

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Creating a versatile design can often save enough money to add something fun. Maybe that is a more elaborate bridal bouquet or rented furniture to add a different texture to the room. This rented furniture could be light up bars or acrylic highboys.  It could also be some sofas or ottomans for guests to rest their feet. These can be great touches to cocktail hour to liven up the party and add a special touch to a calmer part of the whole day. These special touches can be moved in toward the dancefloor when the party is ready to start. The light-up bars and acrylic highboys could be handy drinks rails to keep your guests on the dance floor partying all night long. The lounge furniture could be moved toward the dancefloor to give people an option to get off their feet but never too far away from the party.


Adding versatility to your wedding design can have lots of benefits. However there are some Do’s and Don’ts to building this multipurpose vision.

DO – Consult a professional. Talk with your venue, wedding planner and venue staff and connect them with each other. A versatile design often takes more logistical maneuvering that they can figure out amongst themselves. They can then then present you with options that are truly feasible. Review your floorplans and your event timeline with everyone. They will need to make sure there is space in the room, time to move things around, and people to do the moving.

DON’T – Overcomplicate things. If you are able to reuse a piece from the ceremony to the reception that is great; money saved. If a piece just will not work in one place or the other you do not need to force it.  You and your guests will be able to tell.  Pieces that are simply constructed but have impact can make a great statement without anyone knowing you used it all day long.

DO – Make a statement.  Start to think about how you want your wedding day.  Then come up with a few key words or phrases that define what you are thinking. Adjectives like romantic, cozy, clean, modern, traditional, sweet, dramatic, lush can help you communicate to your team of wedding professionals what is in your mind. Pick out 2 or 3 that encompass your entire day.  Include everything from your dress to the ceremony to your farewell send-off and everything in between. Then think of a few that are just for the ceremony or reception. These words may be nouns such as specific colors, flowers or other details that you see when you zoom in on your minds eye on these events.

An example would be making boldly romantic your main focus adjectives. Roses, red and gold could be your detail nouns. Gorgeous red roses on gold candlesticks could be a border for your aisle. Afterwards, those same red rose arrangements can be moved to guest tables with statement table linens and gold chivari chairs to add a little more drama and edge to the lush romantic roses. Add a few candles that lined your aisle to bring in the ambiance.  Also with some amber up-lighting create a room glow and make the whole room look romantic and lovely as you will feel.

DON’T – Break the Bank. Remember, decor versatility is meant to rearrange your budget and make it stretch further. The budget is still there. If you fall in love with one piece and decide to splurge that’s fine, just make up for it somewhere else. Be honest and upfront with your wedding team about your budget so that everyone works within it and does not cause you any headaches, intentionally or otherwise.

Whether you repurpose every possible piece of your day or create something totally unique for each special moment remember that the flowers and lighting may last for one enchanting day but the special moments they frame will be with you for a lifetime.

Photo Credits:  Mark Romine Photography & Timothy Whaley Photographic Artists