5 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Florist

After finding the perfect venue, finding a wedding florist / designer can sometimes feel like one of the most daunting aspects of your wedding planning.  As a bride, you probably have an idea of what you want your wedding flowers and décor to say about you on your special day.

Now how do you find the right florist / designer? You want to find someone who can bring your dreams to reality and give you lots of helpful and practical advice along the way.  With that in mind, as a floral design company for nearly 10 years, we’ve had time to evaluate which qualities make for a good florist / designer in the long run. Here are five criteria to consider when choosing your florist / designer:

Response Time and Follow-Through

After you’ve done your research and identified the company whom you think will represent your vision, it’s time to contact them. Be sure to pay attention to the timeliness of each florist / designer’s response – did you hear back within 24 hours or did you have to send a follow-up email or make an additional phone call?   It’s true, the life of a floral designer is unbelievably hectic, and we’re not always right at our desk, but one who is dedicated to the service they provide will be sure to maintain conscientious, timely contact with you, even if you’re just a prospective client.

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Photos, Photos, Photos

We are a firm believer of Pinterest! One of the most important things a florist / designer can ask you as an interested bride is for a link to your Pinterest board! Without seeing photos of your vision, any florist / designer would have a hard time quoting you properly on the aspects of your special day. A florist / designer who asks to see your inspiration takes the décor scheme you have in mind seriously and also wants to make sure you are given realistic pricing for it. Being asked for photos is a sure sign that you’ve found a responsible and thoughtful vendor.

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Restate & Confirm

Another sign of a great wedding florist / designer is one who is able to look at your Pinterest Board or the photos you sent and then restate your vision back to you. They should be able to ask you relevant questions based upon your requests and should make you feel comfortable answering them. You at no time should feel threatened or less knowledgeable then the florist / designer. Remember we do this every day and this is probably the only time you will be making these decisions. A florist / designer that asks relevant questions and makes you feel comfortable with your design choices shows that they paid attention to what they saw, and more important than that, that they wants to make sure you are both on the same page.

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Focus on Colors, Textures, and the Venue

The best wedding florists / designers will place an emphasis on colors, textures, and the overall feel that you’re going for and taking great care to know the venue you will be utilizing. Counterintuitive as this may seem, a florist / designer who really focuses not only on the flower types but also the feel and ambience of the venue is only going to make your vision of the décor even better. Through an emphasis on color, texture, vibe and venue, a florist / designer opens up the design and detail possibilities available to you.

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Straight-Shooting Advice

Something that we always provide as a florist / designer is good advice right away – even if you’re only calling in to ask about availability and pricing. You might get into a conversation about what you had in mind for the reception – you want all tall centerpieces, and you have a small budget—a good wedding florist / designer will be sure to offer you some helpful, practical advice right away such as: How about a half-tall and half-low look to keep costs in line? Have you considered tall candles as a tall centerpiece alternative? Practical advice like this not only shows you the florist / designer has experience, confidence, and creativity, it also demonstrates the florist / designer is ultimately mindful of you as a person.

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Now that you have these five criteria in mind, we hope that your wedding florist / designer search is that much more easy. At the end of the day, you want a florist / designer who communicates well, who pays attention by taking your wants and your needs into consideration, and who can offer timely, helpful advice and last but certainly not least you want a florist / designer whose designs you absolutely adore!!!

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